How much is second hand office furniture?

It is not very easy to put a price on second hand office furniture. This is because of the many intervening factors that go into determining the price you pay. So, the much you will pay for your used office furnitures boils down to who is selling. If it is a showroom, then you can either pay a fixed amount or even negotiate for cheaper prices.

For once, buying second hand office furniture from an auction is bound to be totally different. You can either pay less or much more depending on how the bids are presented. If there are only a few bids coming up, then you should expect to pay much less. However, if a piece of furniture is put into a very rigorous bidding process, then you will pay more.

However, one of the biggest considerations when determining the price of used furniture is the rate of depreciation. This is put at just about 5 percent of the original price. Used office furniture is, therefore, going to cost almost half of its original price after 10 years. That’s why you should find out how much the furniture originally cost and how long it has been in existence.

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